Tracks from the "S-Cock-7"-"Feeding the Fat Boy" collection

[An Earthquake and a Deadly Snake]
[I have been Programmed to Tell You]
[Initiate the Sequence]
[Just the Way I Like it]
[Thrill Seeker]

Tracks from the "S-Cock-7"-"Blasphemous Miracle" collection

[Return to the Belly of the Beast]
[Dirty Protest]

Tracks from the "Someone and Someone"-"A Wise Man Wouldn't" collection

[Back To You]
[And You Told Me]
[Go Do Some Learning]
[But What is Me]
[I Work With My Hands]
[In a World - Two Bored Monkeys]
[In Your Scene]
[For Akiko]
[The Swamp]
[We Have to Win]
[The Strength in Our Muscles]
[Bag of Nerves]
[The Hobbyist]
[Flesh Tones]
[Oh Father]